You will get your short screened in cinemas and pay only if it is selected.

Cattive Produzioni aims to radically change the short film festival market.


Unlike what happens with other Italian distribution companies, with us you will pay only if you pass the festival selection. Cattive Produzioni was founded to make it easier for new generations to enter the big Italian film industry, for this reason we have decided to side with the authors thoroughly.

How does it work?

The company previews the short film and forms an ad hoc committee, according to themes and genres, to assess whether the project is consistent with Cattive Produzioni's mission. The company then devises a targeted strategy that is proposed to the author and the production company.


Unlike our main competitors that ask for everything at once, we ask for a nominal sum of €100 upon acceptance, to cover the file opening. If authors and producers accept the proposed strategy, they will pay in one single payment the registration fees for festivals in order to start the adventure. The total cost of the registration fees will never exceed €350.


From now on, our company will not ask for fees unless the short film is selected for festivals.


When proposing the strategy, Cattive Produzioni presents a list of selected festivals indicating their respective fees in case of selection, ranging from a minimum of €50 (small festivals) to €250 (international festivals). In total, the expenditure ceiling is €1.200 for each short film.


By the end of the twelve-month contract, unlike other distribution companies, we guarantee at least one screening in an Italian cinema, before the screening of a feature film presented by its director. Cattive Produzioni has been nurturing for years a network of dealers interested in the diffusion of a quality film culture and therefore willing to host works by the new generations of Italian cinema.

*Due to the restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, Italian cinemas are currently closed. As a result, film screenings in cinemas may not be possible.*

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